Friday, January 8, 2016

Poultrygeist Film Review



Deep Fried Stupidity


I’d never seen any of Troma’s releases before Poultrygeist, however, I seem to have a fair understanding of what they’re all about. From how it seems, Troma exclusively makes low brow, horror comedies, with an emphasis on gross out humor. I’m not adverse to of the wall gore fests, one of my favorite movies is Evil Dead 2. So, as I looked for something new to review, I stumbled across Poultrygeist and decided to give it a try. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Arbie and Wendy are two youngsters in love. Sadly, Wendy has plans to leave Arbie when she goes off to college, and Arbie, being a total loser, has no plans to go anywhere. Flash forward and a fast food chain called American Chicken Bunker has been built over the spot where Arbie and Wendy fist did the horizontal shuffle. He decides to visit the spot one day and finds a huge line of protestors outside the building. Among them are Wendy, who has become a lesbian, and her new girlfriend Micki.

Being even more broken than before, Arbie decides to apply for a job at American Chicken bunker to spite Wendy and her “leftist lipstick lesbo liberal” lover, and winds up getting the job. Unknown to all parties however, restless chicken spirits haunt the restaurant, and soon the bodies begin piling up as customers and workers are killed and transformed into grotesque half-chicken people with a taste for blood.

This movie decides from the very beginning to be one gross out moment after the other. As Arbie and Wendy make like rabbits in the film’s opening seconds, a zombie finger pops out of a grave and plants itself firmly up Arbie’s ass. On top of that, the local caretaker for the graveyard stumbles across the lovers and begins to wildly masturbate. EVERY SCENE IN THE FILM PLAYS OUT LIKE THIS. Just as something totally gross happens, something else comes in to outdo it. With so much gore, nudity, and poo humor, you get desensitized and worn out just a few minutes in.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy some parts of this movie. There were some moments of scenes that simply cracked me up, and the lesbians in this movie spend most of their screen time topless (I like boobs, so sue me), but a few bare breasts and a couple laughs hardly make up for the film’s worst feature, the near endless string of musical numbers.

Every scene quickly devolves into a really unfunny, atonal showtune that always grated against my ear drums like teeth dragging across old pavement. Most of the songs are basically the same too. Oh, here’s a little number about how pathetic Arbie is. Here’s another one that tells the tale of how Arbie misses Wendy, but hates her at the same time, which is quite pathetic, etc. Musical comedy is an extremely difficult thing to pull off and should just be left to the likes of Tenacious D and South Park.
Poultrygeist is a weird one. It’s not good, but it’s not really trying to be. In a way that makes it good, but not good…

Y’know what? Go buy a thirty rack of some crappy beer, grab a couple friends, and watch this one. Why the hell not? Someone in your group is bound to enjoy it, and another is bound to hate it. Whatever, I’m sick of writing about it. My IQ is dropping just thinking about it. Make up your own damn mind.

Score: 1.5


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